Monday, 26 March 2012

Visible Monday - sunshine!

I went to Marks and Spencer last week. I had gone into the store to buy some sensible, warm, grey leggings but when I got through the doors I saw that there was a sale on. No surprise there, sales seem to be a constant. Whether this was a late winter sale or an early spring one I know not, but there was a small feeding frenzy going on around the racks, so I went over to have a look. This fully lined and nicely tailored dress was reduced to £25.
So I bought it!

March in England, yet here I am sitting in a deckchair soaking up the sun!
But what pasty-looking pins, my skin hasn't seen the sunlight since last November.

Yellow is a spring colour. This necklace came from 'Beluga', the amber shop in St Petersburg, Russia, and was a present from one of my daughters.

Only last week it was cold enough in the mornings to welcome wearing  a winter coat. This one is made by Nicole Farhi and has a cosy false fur trim.

By mid-morning when the sun had burnt away the mist it was time to shed the coat.

I am constantly amazed at the 'thrifting' skills of American bloggers who seem to dress wonderfully at very little expense. It is something that I haven't done, but my two grown up daughters keep me well supplied with their cast-offs, and some of these have become my favourite items of clothing.
This is what I was wearing underneath my winter coat.

Mulberry linen blouse,  hand me down from a friend.
Laura Ashley chenille jumper, bought many moons ago.
Hand made brooch, present from the maker.
Hobbs leather belt.
Silk skirt, hand me down from a daughter.
Clarks boots.

This sheer silk skirt with it's cotton lining is my absolute favourite and I wear it all year round.
It is made by Just In Case - what a great name!

Shaped leather belt from Hobbs.

The enamel and beadwork flower brooch was made by my friend Janet and given to me as a present.

Janet Haigh Her Work

In the summertime I wear my favourite skirt with a tee-shirt.
No wonder it's almost worn out!

For Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style.


  1. Your amber necklace is beautiful and so is that brooch. I thought at first it was a real flower it is so realistic. Your new dress is lovely also.

    1. Dear Debbie, If you look on the my life in one hundred objects blog I have posted Janet's brooches in November 2011.
      I hope I'm going to see a lot more of Harry, he looks delightful.

  2. Every time I come here I see something gorgeous. In this case it is quite obvious why that skirt is a favourite! Thanks for the closeup. Its richness must make you feel like a million bucks (pounds). Your Farhi coat looks sumptuous too, and your first dress, I can feel the quality from the photo and like that blue/amber combination. Beautiful.

    1. Yes, you are spot on , Melanie, it is the feel of the fabric and the way that it moves when I'm wearing it that makes the skirt such a favourite for me.

  3. Yes, that flower brooch looks like the real thing, and it's so pretty. I really like your new dress (at a great sale) as well as your cozy-collared coat : > Thanks for linking your looks to Visible Monday!

    1. I'm having difficulties leaving comments on your site, Patti. Tell me, which handbag did you choose?

  4. As you can tell from the way I dress, I am quite the style icon. What I do like though, are women who dress well, and your choice is obviously very personal, well thought out, and looks very good on you. It never ceases to amaze me how many people just don't appear to have looked in a mirror before they go out nowadays. I hope you don't mind a guys take on these posts. I know I should be out killing a stag or starting a fire, but heck, I collect costume jewellery and wine glasses....grrrr!(said in a manly fashion)

    1. You should see me on the days when I don't go out, then I'm in the garden and wear clothes that resemble those of Worzel Gummidge.
      And a 'guy's take' is great, especially when it's so flattering!

  5. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am so glad to have foud you, and your unique style.
    Following and adding you to my blogroll inmediately, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    1. Hello, I'm glad that you've found me because now I have found you! I'm amused to see that you show a packet of Yorkshire tea in your sidebar - I'm a Yorkshire lass, although living in the South-West of England for many years.
      Now I can follow your stylish self and Spanish sunshine, (although I'm waiting to join so that I can become your 1,000th follower!)

  6. Gorgeous,gorgeous, gorgeous outfits! Your exceptionally chic haircut seals the deal!

  7. I just put together you are also...Share My I love your garden and your remarkably chic fashion style!