Sunday, 9 August 2015

What I've bought.

I'm trying to avoid making clothes purchases, mostly because there is no storage left in the house and I have no real need of new clothes now that I'm retired. Of course I know that 'need' isn't really what clothes buying is about. I have a vague principle of throwing/giving away an item from my wardrobe whenever I get something new. So far this year the sum total of my purchases have been a  buttonless cashmere cardi, one white Tshirt, two bikinis, (sale prices, under £10 each) and this linen sundress. I  saw it in a shop in Lyme Regis the other week and couldn't resist, it has all the elements that I like.
The fabric is striped, rathe like old pajamas or mattress ticking, and it's just as comfortable to wear as a pair of old pjs.
It has pockets - I LOVE pockets, and these ones are a generous size and nicely embellished with something like pajama cord!
Can you see the seam line? It's unusually cut across the skirt to give a slightly off-centre feel and a wobbly hem.
And it's as big as a bell tent. What's not to like!
There is no maker's label, it just says, 'pure linen made in Italy.' Now I need to decide what goes to a charity shop in it's place to make way for the purchase!

Construction details for Connie.
Here are the seam lines set out on the bedroom carpet to demonstrate that the dress is quite cleverly cut and not just the sack of potatoes that it seems once I'm wearing it. The fabric is gathered beneath the armpit to  deal with the large amount of fabric and create a neat armhole.
The back is straightforward in three pieces, with a central seam and lower, curved section as highlighted.
The pockets are the fiddly bits.
Hope this is helpful, Connie!

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Guess who

Guess who's come to live next door! One excited neighbour shows me a little scrap of white fluff.
She's tiny, and shivery, obviously lonely away from her brothers. (I'm not talking about the neighbour!)
Next morning my neighbour is up at five. At nine she's out of the door and driving down the road and a short while later returns ......with a brother!
Well, it's all fun and games now.
Although when you've eaten a big meal
it's very hard
to stay