Friday, 23 March 2012

Good food

Pussywillow asked me how I keep my weight constant. (I hope she wasn't being sarky!) At the moment it is very easy because the fear of making my gallstones complain and cause me pain is enough to keep me on the straight and narrow.
But in fact, apart from being very diligent about the amount and type of fat in my diet and an avoidance of cheese, (sob, sob) and very little bread, I continue to eat much the same as ever. 

I photographed yesterday's meals.
Breakfast is invariably an ounce of porridge cooked in half water and goats' milk, with a scattering of flaked almonds and pumpkin seeds and a variety of fresh fruit and chopped dried prunes and apricots. I never tire of this and it keeps me satisfied until lunchtime.

Lunch was Mediterranean pasta from Patrick Holford's Low-GL cookbook.
Serves 2.
125g wholemeal pasta
1 can tuna in water, drained
black olives
White sauce made with 300ml milk, 2tsp reduced salt vegetable bouillon powder and 1tsp dried herbs. Add 1 tablespoon of cornflour (that has been blended with 2 spoonfuls of cold water,) to thicken the sauce.
Pour over the pasta and season with black pepper and fresh basil leaves.

You won't miss the cheese - really!

For dessert, some of the many plums that we picked in the orchard last autumn, with natural yogurt and toasted flaked almonds.

We eat a lot of soup. This one is sweet potato and parsnip.

I make about ten servings at a time, some to eat and the rest to freeze. All my soups should really be labeled, 'Whatever's to Hand Soup' because that's what goes into them. This one is mostly sweet potato and parsnip, but also red onion and red pepper, garlic, celery and some chopped fresh ginger, all cooked together and then blended.

A food source of 'good fat',  one that I am being encouraged to eat at the moment, is avocado, and at teatime, after a bowl of soup, we ate this light salad of boiled egg and avocado. (You can see that we are rather fond of black olives!)

But evening is when I get the munchies, especially if there is a food programme on the tv and they are making something really naughty but nice!


  1. I think often that keeping the weight off is also a case of mind over matter Rosemary. I have little difficulty in doing so - like you I eat in a healthy manner but I never, ever eat anything between meals and - like you - I try to avoid cheese, although I adore it in any shape or form. Feta is probably my favourite and if I have Greek salad Ido allow myself a few chunks. Olives are also a favourite of ours.

    1. I used to eat a lot of cheese and it is an essential ingredient in what were some of my favourite recipes. However, it does me no favours health-wise, which is why it is off the menu. Peter still has some at the end of his meal and always says, 'Mm, delicious - oh, sorry!'

  2. Rosemary, It all looks delicious. I love salads with hardboiled eggs and olives. I have to leave pasta out of my diet, and I do love it so. Bonnie

    1. Sorry about the pasta, Bonnie, I shan't feature it again!