Saturday, 23 March 2013


I love the word, 'undress', as seen in last weekend's exhibition for Elizabethan casual wear. My entire collection of clothes could be described as undress; comfortable, unboned, fairly unstructured items. This jacket is from the '70's.  I made it from a pre-cut kit, the name of the supplier long forgotten. The fabric is a quilted, soft brushed-cotton in reversible Liberty patterns.
But no fabric was supplied for pockets on the flowered side!
I would oh, so happily swap it for the undress jacket in the exhibition!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Dressing up, dressing down

We met up with friends in town today and went to an exhibition of 'Painted Pomp", paintings, clothing  and artifacts from the Shakespearian era.
Goodness me, what serious dressing up!
The gown of this teenage widow was a joy to study, with its delicate embroidery and trimming painted black on black. And the cuffs and collar!
I had to try one on!
And whilst I was about it Himself tried on a hat.
Talk about a feather in his cap!
This linen jacket was on display, made around 1618 - 20, and embroidered with silks and gold metal thread. The floral decoration is of exquisite delicacy. The garment is fastened down the centre by means of soft bows of silk ribbon. In the early seventeenth century an unboned jacket such as this would have been described as a 'waistcoat' and worn with a loose gown over petticoats when entertaining at home. It was informal wear known as 'undress'.
The theme of my 'undress' top is also inspired by nature. It was knitted for me by a college friend over forty years ago and is still going strong. (Although I must have dropped something down the front of it many years ago because there is a stubborn little stain right in the middle of the cream area that refuses to budge!)
And it's yet another week of dressing in layers because baby, it's cold outside.
A long-sleeved cotton t-shirt under a white linen blouse, tank top,
jeans and boots.
For Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style.

Monday, 11 March 2013


There has been some sunshine today, but, oh, the bitter chill, because there was also snow and gale-force winds. It was extremely unpleasant to venture out of doors. I am wearing several layers of clothing in order to be warm.
So it is a button up to the chin cardigan from French Connection underneath a mohair mix jumper from Warehouse. Both are ancient, both are cozy! The jumper is feather light and very shapeless
and my mirror needs a clean!
For Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style.
It was Mothering Sunday yesterday and I had a present to open.
I admired the box and ribbon before looking to see what was inside.
Lovely, a set of candles
for all occasions.
(Not for being 'arty', the 'p' hasn't shown up in the photo.)
Who's that talking to James Dean?
I wonder what she's telling him?

Monday, 4 March 2013


Every week I take a look at the women who post on Patti's Visible Monday and admire the combination of bright colours on display. They fill me with the ambition to introduce far more vibrancy into my clothing. But the fact of the matter is that I feel very happy and 'myself' when I'm wearing grey.
This Oska needlecord suit (rather crumpled!) is a favourite. The skirt is cut at an angle which makes it a little quirky. As you know, I like an asymmetrical look!

The fine grey cotton blouse is from Gap
and the cashmere cardi, with velvet detail, from Boden.

Grey suede Audley shoes.

I won't embarrass myself by saying how many pairs of grey trousers I possess, but here is another of my grey skirts. This one is by Lilith in a linen/rayon mix. It has an unusual cut, with extremely large pockets set at different levels. Worn with another Gap cotton blouse and a cashmere jumper from George at Asda which has three-quarter sleeves and a very long body which is great over leggings.
Grey fabric ballet flats.
for Patti at  Not Dead Yet Style.