Thursday, 26 March 2015


What an extraordinary story this has been, finding the body of King Richard beneath a car park. They dug where the tarmac had been printed with a letter 'R' and there he was. I consider myself a Yorkist, born and bred as I was in Yorkshire, my parents' house just a few miles up the dale from Middleham Castle where Richard spent part of his childhood.
I have followed the developments and identification of the body with great interest and was one of many who thought that his bones should be returned to York and reinterred there. But today the city of Leicester gave him a right royal send-off. The Bishop of Leicester  spoke of his wish for tribal differences to cease, a good word to use because it is far reaching.

The simple oak coffin, lead lined, was made by King Richard's direct descendant.
The two remaining direct descendants on the female side had provided DNA samples to aid identification of the remains.

Earth taken from Fotherinhay, Middleham and Bosworth, symbolising Richard's birth, life and death, was scattered on the coffin.
The actor Benedict Cumberbatch, who is due to play King Richard in the BBC series, 'The Hollow Crown' read a poem composed for the occasion by the Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy. 
(The actor is third cousin, sixteen times removed, from King Richard.)
Other well-known actors were present, 
the music was beautiful.
It was an altogether fascinating occasion.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Visible Monday

I've been into town, still searching for that elusive red dress. It's supposed to be spring but the weather is cold, too early yet to be parting company from cosy scarves and jumpers.
My battered old velvet coat from Jigsaw is an ideal between weather piece of clothing. (It's looks haven't been improved since a recent meal out with friends when one of our number thought it was a cushion and sat on it. I had placed it carefully over the back of a chair, but that's men for you!)
The cashmere scarf, from Merci in Paris, you must have seen before because, although large, it is featherlight and warm and I practically live in the thing.
Underneath is a Boden waistcoat and a pink button-through jumper.
Yep, purple is my favourite colour!
for Patti's Visible Monday.