Monday, 31 December 2012

Goodbye 2012

Goodbye 2012, and I'm inclined to add, good riddance! It's not been the happiest of years what with one thing and another. Apart from anything else it has been the wettest year in England since records began. Today we drove, slowly, along flooded roads for an appointment in town, not the best of places to be on a rainy day with a bargain shopping frenzy taking place. My trip was for a health check and we went there and back again as quickly as we could manage.
Himself took this cheery photo of me as I walked past a black hoarding. It seemed fitting!
I'm wearing a trusty brown felt hat that I've had for many years. It has a big black velvet bow to one side and is a firm favourite. The grey coat is an Oska, very light and warm, worn over a grey Lillith skirt. Clarks boots and a dark purple pashmina from Merci in Paris.
 Dear me - don't I look winter! Grey, grey, grey.
 But don't despair. I'm about to paint my toenails and fingernails 'funtime fuschia'. We shall cross the road to our neighbours' party and bring in the New Year in a more colourful fashion. (I may do a 'stop the rain' dance!)
For Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style. 

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas jumpers

This season's must-have fashion item has been any Christmas jumper sporting a suitably festive image, the larger and brighter the better.  None of us has such a thing but we did the best we could and  we were amused to find that we had each chosen to wear a sparkly woolly.
Here we are crammed on the sofa to demonstrate our sparkliness!
Wee One's is from French Connection
and mine is a Perry Ellis.
I added a couple of brooches, an enamel and fabric heart that Janet had made and a fymo snowman made by Big Sister many moons ago. This cardi started out with sequins all around the collar but they were a bit too much so I unpicked them.
There's only so much bling that I can take!

Monday, 10 December 2012

Visible Monday catchup

I've been away from home and have recorded my Monday outfits in different locations. What a delight it has been to escape floods, winds and gloom for a bit. (Took my umbrella and quilted mackintosh with me, but, hurrah, didn't need them once I had left the airport.)
I travelled out in this Boden black linen shirt-waister, with black leggings and a large but very fine purple pashmina that packs into the smallest space. The dress has four button-down pockets that are just the thing for safe ticket storage.
Once I arrived in the sunshine of Havana I shed the warm layers.
It is such a useful and comfortable dress that I have it in this other colourway.
Downside, it's linen, it creases.

On December 3rd I hit the beach in a cheap and cheerful collection of purple clothing.
Bikini from George at Asda
Cardi from M&S
Cotton wrap a present from Africa
Beaded sandals from Duo.

For Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style.

Monday, 29 October 2012


White looks wonderful under a bright blue sky.
This small church is in the grounds of the hotel where we stayed last week.
It is used by guests who have come to the hotel to be married.
Our bedroom looked as though it was expecting honeymooners
with a round bed and robes with a message!
Ah, well, I tried to make myself at home.

At the beach
I found a bride and groom.
Now, call me old-fashioned but doesn't a white wedding dress signify something? 
Has nobody told the designer?
"Leaves nothing to the imagination," said Himself.

I keep some clothes just for holidays in the sun and many of them are white. In England white is often a cold colour, blue or grey in tone, but in strong sunlight it transforms. I have a few simple, inexpensive, easy to pack pieces;
a shift dress from M&S

and an M&S beaded fine cotton caftan.
A linen skirt from Benetton with two good pockets and an elasticated waist, great for pulling on after a swim. I wore it last Monday for Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style with an old t-shirt and even older, battered espadrilles.
You can see how cold white becomes in England, even on a sunny day. (One crumpled skirt, just pulled out of the case after seeing a lot of beach life and lolling about!)

And, of course, that holiday essential, a white bikini.
I'm looking a little bit white today because I was up all night dancing at Tess Kincaid's virtual ball

What a hostess! Possibly overgenerous with the absinthe, but that's poets for you.
It turned me only slightly green!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Having a ball!

I've come to Willow's Annual Ball with my partner, Nick Carroway. He can charleston like a dream and his manners are impeccable.  I'm aware that he is quite a people watcher, but that's okay , for so am I. We spotted Jordan Baker in the distance, which gave me a bit of a turn.
We have been dancing for hours. I don't care for Mr Lovecraft's opinion, who is he to call me insane, or  "almost nobody." I am perfectly sober.
Willow's peppermint cordial is delicious, but I think I'll sit the next dance out.

What did you say? It's absinthe!
Better put on my mask.

Saturday, 27 October 2012


Oh, goodie, Willow is hosting another ball!
But I haven't got a thing to wear
apart from a black net petticoat.
No gloves, or pink dress, neither the body nor the attitude for this outfit!
I'll have to give it some thought.
 My partner for the ball is going to be Nick Carraway.
I like an outing where the imagination can run riot.
Illustrations copyright Rosemary Murphy.