Monday, 24 March 2014

Not going out

It is unbelievably cold, with a wind that cuts to the bone if you so much as poke your head out of the door. I AM NOT GOING OUT. Today is definitely going to be an Invisible Monday for me.
I'm wearing fleecy lined footless tights, comfort dressing for slobs. The blouse is ancient. It belonged for our elder daughter in her teens.She is now in her forties. It is from Benetton, probably bought during a sale, so it represents rather good value for money considering the amount of wear that we've both had from it!
It's decorated with quirky little embroidered motifs.
The cut of the blouse is rather unusual, as though someone had lain on the floor and just been drawn around - flat pack.
For Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Party animal

On Saturday we trotted up the road to the opening party of The Pig. All the village had been invited. And guess what, all you Downton Abbey fans, so had the Earl of Grantham - and my, but he scrubs up well. 'Dapper' is the word for Hugh Bonneville! (No, I didn't intrude and take a photograph.)
The new hotel owners have a philosophy of growing much of their own food or sourcing it from within a twenty-five mile boundary. The evening got off to a good start with Nyetimber and rhubarb fizz. 

Garden trays of 'Piggy Bits' did the rounds.
'Dress to party' was interpreted in many different ways. (I took Paula's advice and wore the black mohair top over my strapless dress.)
There were four hundred guests.
I couldn't decide whether or not to use the flash on my camera. Without it is murky but more accurate and atmospheric
and with the flash you can see what is going on but it looks flat and uninteresting. Which do you favour when you are in this sort of reduced lighting? (The music was great.)
Had to put my specs on, couldn't believe what I was seeing - living topiary!
But sometime after midnight it was good just to loll on a sofa with my lovely neighbour.
Then it was time to walk back down the road in the moonlight and tumble into bed.
Take a look at the enviable hotel veg garden over on share my garden.