Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Things on the bed - not wellies, not a raincoat, no waterproof hat or woollen socks, I've been living with all of that for far too many months. I'm sick to death of heavy rain so I'm bunging a few things in a suitcase  and I'm off to search out the sun. I hope I'll find it!

Monday, 28 April 2014


I went to the hairdresser in town and there was a lot of encouraging chat along the lines of, "you can do so much with it!" as she flicked my hair hither and thither. I did point out that I can do nothing with it, it is all down to a good cut.
Well I'm disappointed, I don't consider myself 'styled'. I realise that Jean, my former stylist, now retired, was an absolute wizard. This hairdresser seems to have done little more than lob a bit off the back. It cost me £48 which seems an awful lot of money for such a dull result - I'd hoped to come out looking rather funky, possibly 1920's era.

When I see a good hairstyle in the street I'm going to ask where they had it cut. Until then it's back to the bathroom mirror and my craft scissors!
(Oh, Paula, you know how I feel!)

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Second-hand Rose

I know that I've had some very kind comments about my hair since my trusty hairdresser retired but the fact of the matter is that it's driving me mad. I keep chopping at the fringe with my craft scissors but to do something about the back is beyond my capabilities. So tomorrow I'm going into town to be sorted out. I went there yesterday and asked for some advice. "We'll get rid of the ponytail bit at the back," said the stylist.  I explained that I am trying to grow my hair long but would like to be able to do so with a bit of style. Let's see what tomorrow will bring!
All the clothes that I'm wearing today are daughters' hand-me-downs, blouse, cardi and an ancient denim pinafore dress. It was the same story yesterday, a hand-me-down blouse from my friend, Janet,
 who made the fabric and enamel brooch that is pinned to the collar.
 I'm a bit of a bib and braces girl.