Monday, 12 February 2018

. Visible Monday winter wear.

It's cold out. What's the answer?  Cram on a beret, pull on some fur-lined boots, tootle about for a pair of cosy gloves. And a large cashmere Pashmina is a must.
I've got Pashminas in a range of cheery colours.
I've had this padded bomber jacket from Oasis for years. It isn't remotely elegant but it certainly keeps me warm.
And I do love a cardi, especially one with pockets.
Nicole Farhi cardi.
A white shirt, especially when it has an interesting collar, always cheers me up. SEE BYChloe.
Joining Patti who hosts Visible Monday.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

One Hundred Years

Yesterday the country celebrated the day, one hundred years ago, when women got the vote.
It was hard won. Women of all classes were imprisoned and reviled for their attempts to create a fairer society.

And there is still some way to go.
Quite a difficult outfit to do much protesting in!
Last night a lantern procession of celebration wound it's way through the streets of Bristol, one of many similar events held throughout the country.

Several schools in Bristol, a city that was very active in the suffragette movement, made banners and rosettes in the suffragette colours. It's good to remind young girls and women today that great sacrifices were made in the past for what we now take for granted. It remains important to continue to make demands for equality.