Friday, 31 May 2013

All at sea

We've done far too much lolling about, it's not good enough, we shall have to set too and try something more energetic.
After a hearty breakfast
we were ready to go to sea!
And happily the water was as calm as a mill pond.
Where are we?

What can we see?
All at sea!
Oh, look, an island with a deserted beach.
 Lets go and do a bit of lolling about.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Bank Holiday Monday

No surprises, it's a Bank Holiday and it's cold outside! I'm skulking in the greenhouse wrapped in several layers of clothing. Patti is having a Visible Monday holiday this week at  Not Dead Yet Style but since I've been away for a couple of weeks myself I thought I'd do a clothing catch-up.
White tee-shirt from M&S
wrap cardi from Boden
grey cotton skirt from Comptoir des Cotonniers
old grey fabric ballet flats
and a favourite necklace from a local maker.
 Last Monday was delightful because I was in Greece enjoying some much needed sunshine
wearing a grey linen beach dress by Jigsaw with button tie straps and an elasticated back panel
that can slip easily over a bikini
or be dressed up a bit with a necklace
and espadrilles
with heels
Oh, warmth and sunshine, how I miss you!
Hope you're having a great time in New York, Patti!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Best bib and tucker

It's May Day, everyone's on holiday, the sun is shining, time to put on your best bib and tucker and go out and enjoy yourself. To wear your "best bib and tucker" is an old saying meaning to put on your best clothes. Bibs and tuckers were articles of women's clothing dating from the 17th century, the tuckers were lace pieces that fitted over the bodice.
In Charlotte Bronte's book, 'Jane Eyre', published in 1847, "some of the girls have two clean tuckers in the week; the rules limit them to one."

We went to Cornwall for a couple of nights the other week, staying in St Ives. There was a bit of a sea mist and a cold wind. I was well wrapped up, I wasn't exactly dressed in my best bib and tucker.

It was quiet and out of season, excellent for just poking about. Then I found this rather interesting shop.

So I had to take a look inside!
It was selling second-hand clothing. I tried on all manner of well-known labels, ranging from Vivienne Westwood to Stella McCartney.
There are two sorts of clothing that I've got in generous amounts; white cotton shirts and black dresses. So what did I buy? Yes, you guessed it, I bought a white shirt and a black dress! The shirt has a bit of a 'tucker', a decorative strip that buttons over the buttons so that the shirt can be worn in two ways.
1688 "a pinner or tucker is a narrow piece of cloth which compasseth the top of a womans gown about the neck part."
The shirt is by Uniqlo, worn with Boden grey cotton crops and old grey ballet flats.
For Patti at Not Dead Yet Style.