Friday, 19 September 2014


We've been to Wells this evening, the smallest city in England. The weather was mild and misty and the upper reaches of the cathedral facade disappeared into the darkness.
Here's my photo for Friday Skywatch.
We  had a meal with friends at Cafe Piano with live music, good food and plenty to celebrate. We are still a UNITED KINGDOM.  I'm  delighted that I'll not need a passport to visit my Scottish cousins!
A Union Jack flag in my pudding by way of celebration.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Visible Monday - a bargain!

I'd planned not to buy any clothes this year - but who can resist a bargain? Yesterday we went to 'reclaim the streets' in Frome. It's a huge artisan market that takes place in the town on the first Sunday of every month. It's humming with all manner of people and things, there's no knowing what you might come home with! I found this suede skirt with a £3 price tag. It tried it on over my jeans and it fitted well. I obviously looked far too enthusiastic. "Oh, that's wrongly priced," said the seller, "it should be £10." I can't haggle to save my life. An Agnes B leather skirt for a tenner with the colour pink that I love - I handed over the money!
It's fully lined, feels lovely to wear and goes with lots of my existing tops.
So who's a happy bunny!
The market is a great place for people watching. Frome is well-known for it's vintage shops, so there are always people with very individual style to be seen. 

Oh, yes, I agree with that!
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