Monday, 12 May 2014

A week in the sun!

What a delight, to have a week in the sun! Every morning I swam to and fro between the three small jetties. The hotel was full but at eight in the morning I was the only person in the sea.
The water was cold, hence the towelling robe,
but wonderfully invigorating.
At nine I joined the fitness coach for yoga or pilates - still no-one about but me so I enjoyed one-to-one sessions. Thank you, Despyna!
Ten o'clock, time for a long and disgracefully indulgent breakfast. (Greek delight and chocolate cake, anyone?)
We had come for warmth and sunshine, but it is quite a shock for our pale English skin. Himself started out bravely exposed (and blathered in high factor cream)
but he soon had to cover up.
Eagles Palace is the perfect place to relax and recharge,
and ruminate.
(I'm very good at that!)
This repeat visit was every bit as good as last year. A few things had changed; nice little touches such as cushions on our sun beds and a new water feature in the central courtyard.

I used to travel with just an in-flight case and a shoulder bag but last year at the airport was asked to pack the bag into the case. Impossible! My case had to go in the hold. Was I mad!! So last autumn I bought a mid-size case for the hold. The result is that I now pack far too many clothes. Half the things that I took were never worn. How ridiculous. This is a comfy cotton/linen slip-over from Noa Noa, handy for both beach and casual dining with the addition of leggings.
I took one or two fairly smart dresses, but there is no need, it's a very casual hotel.

I did nothing cerebral in the library
but looked at an enormous and beautifully illustrated book about Ralph Lauren, where I was amused by this description of English style, a polite description of tatty! 
I would have liked to have photographed the clothes on display but the images were copyright.