Monday, 1 October 2018

Visible Monday

We are having a wonderful autumn with sunny, dry days. It is good weather for in-between clothing, although it quickly gets cold when the sun begins to sink. This brown velvet jacket is by Paul Smith and it is easy to wear with either jeans or a skirt. (I've discovered that the epaulettes are a very good way of keeping the strap of my shoulder bag from slipping off my shoulder!)
I spend a great deal of time in sturdy cropped jeans from Lands End. Their denim is thick, although my main gardening pair has now had to be patched at the knee. When I'm not grubbing about in the garden I like to wear a dress, very often with a petticoat (Showing my age?) I've had my petticoats for  many years and can't seem to find anything similar to buy these days. However, this grey net one is fairly new, bought just a few years ago. I wear it so that it shows which makes it useful in adding length to this otherwise too-short dress from Boden.
Worn with an old calf skin belt.
Joining Patti who hosts Visible Mondays.

Monday, 13 August 2018

At the RWA

This month the Royal West of England Academy (RWA) has put on an exhibition to celebrate Robert Hurdles' impressive one hundred years of life. On Saturday, before the private view, there was an in conversation session with the artist, in the form of a series of questions and answers.
Robert has an enviable memory and has led a long and interesting life, encompassing such times as being at first a conscientious objector at the start of WW2 before changing his position and becoming part of the bomb disposal unit. Having experienced such a turbulent period of history it's interesting to consider the serenity and beauty of his large, mature paintings. He described the development of his painting, his technique and influences. His description of the necessity of sheeting up his workroom and the clothes he wore to protect himself from the effects of his method of splatter painting caused some amusement!
He has only recently stopped painting. In answering a question about this he replied, "I paint with my eyes." I'm sure that all the audience had the same thought as me - I hope that I'll be as lively as Robert if I make it to one hundred years old!
Robert and Himself taught together at the art school and they always have plenty to reminisce about.

Friday, 10 August 2018

From one to one hundred.

Just the other week we were celebrating the first birthday of our grandson, but yesterday our invitation was to a mad hatter's tea party to celebrate a one hundredth birthday.
There were many cards, including one from the queen.
Photos of the birthday boy at different stages in his long life.
The sun shone
and we could wander around the garden.
Goldney House is situated on Clifton Hill in Bristol. In the late seventeenth century Thomas Goldney the second,  the son of a successful Quaker grocer, leased a house and garden in Clifton, which was then a small village separate from the city. He developed the house and gardens and created a grotto which he decorated with shells, quartz and a rock crystal known as 'Bristol diamonds'. There was no chance to look inside the grotto, it was securely locked.
The handsome red sandstone tower was built in 1764 to house the steam engine supplying water to the grotto.

The property passed through various members of the family and in 1864 was bought by Lewis Fry, a member of the famous Quaker chocolate manufacturing family who remodelled the house and the pleasure grounds.

The chocolate birthday cake tasted just as good as it looked!
The tea party was served in the orangery with heart-warming speeches from family and friends, 

and music.
What a perfect way to celebrate one hundred years!

Monday, 6 August 2018


All the family were home at the weekend to celebrate our grandson's first birthday. His auntie brought a piƱata that was almost as big as the birthday boy.
We hung it on the walnut tree.

The so-called adults had a great time attacking it with sticks!

His mummy made the birthday cake

and auntie helped to blow out the candle.

Monday, 16 July 2018

Visible Monday in the summer.

We are experiencing a 'proper' summer here in Blighty, by which I mean hot and dry. Very hot and very dry! Comfortable dresses are the order of the day and this sleeveless red dress from Hobbs just fits the bill. I wore it to the recent local music festival so that my husband couldn't lose sight of me in the crowd but so many other women were wearing cheerful red dresses, with white sunhat like mine, that he couldn't find me!
There were all manner of dress styles at the festival  but the dress that I liked the most was this sand-coloured linen. I thought the wearer looked so elegant and well co-ordinated in her straw hat and lovely green slides.
"It's from Zara," she told me.
3/4 sleeves, a good length of skirt, a reasonable price. It's even got pockets. I had to buy it!
(Although, note to self, in future wear a bra that stops me looking like a sack of potatoes.)
Worn here with a chunky pink necklace, Manolo Blahnik sandals that are wonderfully comfortable, (although the leather soles can be treacherous on the wrong surface), and my much-loved and used Prada handbag. Linking up with Patti for her Visible Monday.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Book club.

Our book club met at the weekend to discuss

It's a serious book with a very glum ending and we didn't do it justice. The discussion was somewhat highjacked by the social scientist lecturers amongst us and many interesting aspects of the novel were not properly considered. But no one was really in the mood for a serious, glum book because the weather was glorious and the young England football team had just won their game.  We all felt more like celebrating. Himself wore his waistcoat in an homage to Gareth Southgate. (It amuses and pleases me that sales of waistcoats have soared. I think that men look great in them, very civilised!)

We sat outside as the sun went down.

There was a wonderful afterglow.
Candles were lit
and citronella candles added
 when the midges started to bite our ankles!
Sharing our evening sky with Friday Skywatch.

Friday, 6 July 2018

Friday Skywatch - in the air.

Last weekend many children were busy with their own entertainment while the adults ate and drank and listened to the band at the local music festival.  Young girls swung and somersaulted in the early evening air, fleet of foot,  their hair flying. They reminded me of my childhood, quite a bit of it spent upside-down, walking on my hands, doing cartwheels, swinging endlessly from the big tree at the top of the orchard. (My brother had a den in it's branches but it was out-of bounds for me, his nuisance little sister.) How I would have loved to have been tied into this contraption of giant rubber bands and been able to leap and swing high into the air!

The boys needed no equipment other than their water bottles which they frequently replenished. Then it was back into the deer park to continue a water battle. It was hot enough for them not to care whether or not they got soaked!
Linking up with Friday Skywatch
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