Thursday, 18 July 2019

The Holburne Museum

We went to the Holburne Museum in Bath yesterday to see an exhibition of work by Édouard Vuillard. What a treat! 
The exhibition is small, and some of the paintings very small indeed, but what a joy to get up close and see how he applies the paint and makes good use of the cardboard ground.
The room was dark and no flash allowed so it was difficult to photograph the work very well.

I've been a great admirer of his work since my student days. I bought a print of his work while on a study trip to Paris and it cheered a wall of my grotty student bedsit.
Another temporary exhibition at the museum was that of the children's illustrator, Lauren Child.
She uses collage in her illustrations, moving her small cut-out figures about the page. Interesting to read that she is influenced by Vuillard. You can see it in the way she places pattern on pattern.

Illustrations for Mary Poppins and The Secret garden.
I much prefer the immediacy of the sketchbook drawings to the finished result and the collaged photographs seem far too crude in colour and too literal for my taste.

I preferred this more elegant double page spread - and Vuillard would appreciate the pattern on pattern!
We had a happy wander around the museum's permanent collection.
No pattern on pattern for Priscilla.
I've been living in the area since 1968 but have only this week discovered that the museum is free on Wednesday afternoons. What a saving! I treated myself to the Vuillard catalogue  and a card with the £12.50 that would have been spent on my exhibition entry.
And Himself blew his entry money in the café where we had coffee and cake, sitting outside here in the sunshine.
Now that's what I call a good day out!

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

At the beach

We've been in Bournemouth  for a few days to see our grandson. There's lots to do, with a pile of subsoil bunging up the drive in preparation for levelling the steep back garden.
But, hang on a minute, the sun is shining. Forget the garden, we are heading to the beach!
It's glorious weather, and we set off in the early morning so that we can be back home before the midday heat becomes too intense. The beach is quiet - for now.
Just how we like it!
Still a bit cold for swimming.
We all do our own thing.
Bournemouth seafront has many beach huts.
It's hard to resist peering in at the ones that are occupied, each with it's own little tableau. We would love to have  a hut but are not prepared to camp out for days in the queue  each year when the rentals come available.
On Sunday we walked down Alum Chine for lunch at the beach café. 
More lovely beach huts to see.

Keeping up with a one year old is quite hard work!
Okay for him,
 but I could have done with being pushed back up the chine as well!

Monday, 24 June 2019

Visible Monday - summer skirt.

Hurrah,  summer has arrived at last and I can saunter about in a t-shirt and cotton skirt. A friend who is a whizz with a needle and thread made this skirt for me. I got to choose the cotton from her stock of Kaffe Fasset fabrics.
It is a riot of all my favourite colours, pink, purple, black and turquoise, so it goes with tops and shoes that I've had for ages. The waist is elastic and there are two generous pockets. What's not to like!

The purple suede shoes were also made for me, about thirty years ago. I wear them a lot but even so they are still going strong. Sadly the shoemaker has long since shut up shop.
Joining Patti's Visible Monday at not dead yet style.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019


Busloads of tourists pour into Lindos every day and walk through the narrow streets to visit the acropolis perched dramatically on the cliff overlooking the town and the sea. We caught the local bus in the morning, hoping to beat the crowds, but the coach park was already heaving. Access to the town is restricted to traffic so everyone parks on the hill and walks down into the maze of little streets.

The main streets are crowded and full of the usual tourist tat, but, happily, this is where most people stay, leaving the side streets a quiet place to wander. It's a pretty town. 

Hohlaki, decorative pebble mosaics, are an architectural feature of the town. The most impressive example is the floor of the Byzantine church of Panagia. The interior of the church is wonderful, the walls covered with frescoes. No photography was allowed, and although many people ignored this I kept my camera in my pocket and only took a photo once out in the little courtyard. 
Hohlaki details were everywhere.
I noticed that in some places there was a bit of cheating and instead of black pebbles someone had set to work with a pot of black paint and a brush!

The route up to the acropolis is steep.
Yes, we're going up there!

Many tourists take the easy option and travel by donkey.

We could hear gentle strains of music and turned a corner to discover the musician had found a patch of shade in which to sit and play.
36 degrees. Time for us to climb back up to the bus stop and head for our hotel and the beach!