Monday, 19 September 2016

Visible Monday - small pleasures.

I'm watching the 'Great British Bake Off' where  one of the contestants has such a wonderfully lipsticked mouth that I can't see what she's baking for watching her perfect cupid-bow lips as she puckers and ponders, and in  moments of extreme tension chews on her lips. I can't remember when I last bought a lipstick, it must have been a considerable few years ago. I have always  worn a quiet, understated nude colour. My first lipstick as a teenager was Miner's 'Gypsy Clover' and I stayed with it for decades. Then I went upmarket with Helena Rubinstein's  'Pearl 229' which is a lovely product in every way, the casing is a smooth stone effect, looking and feeling wonderful in the hand. But watching that expressive, well-painted mouth on television I decided that I was in need of a bit of colour!
Well, perhaps not this much!
 I've chosen Mac's 'Asian Flo.'
 I wasn't wearing my pink glasses when I chose it so it's lucky that they fit together.

 I was wearing these lilacish specs when I chose the lippy. Anything with a blue element to it seems to work quite well for me.
 It's raining today and I'm housebound, doing Monday chores. I'm wearing an indigo chambray shirt-waister from Toast that is comfortable and practical. It has all the elements that I like - sleeves, pockets and a decent length of skirt. It's worn with a Hobb's belt, purple suede flats that were hand made for me decades ago and an amber necklace, a present from one of my daughters.
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