Monday, 5 March 2012

Visible Monday - still winter

It is bitterly cold here in the south-west of England, time to be wearing my warmest clothes.
This sheepskin jacket, made in Czecholovakia, was a twenty-first birthday present from my parents at the start of the 'swinging' sixties. The suede outer started life as pale blue but it has faded over time, as have I - it looked a lot more 'swinging' when I could wear it with a tumble of long, dark hair!

It is a big, bulky piece of clothing. Sheepskin these days is crafted to be a much lighter, softer material and is therefore far easier and more comfortable to wear. Due to its bulk this old jacket spends its time just hanging in the wardrobe, but for sentimental reasons I am loathe to part with it. 

A cluttered life?  Too true!

For Patti at Not Dead Yet Style.


  1. That is such a beautiful jacket. I had a similar style one in 1969, but it was tapestry and faux fur. I did so love it. Your's looks as good today as I am sure it did back then.

  2. That's just gorgeous, Rosemary! And how great that you've had it since your twenties. Thanks so much for sharing it with Visible Monday.

  3. Gorgeous coat, yes! And it looks pretty awesome with your new hair too. I'm glad you kept this piece.

  4. Oh WoW!......please don't let Amanda see it, as she would probably kill for it.