Saturday, 26 November 2016

Farewell Fidel

Four years ago I went on holiday to Cuba. What an experience! The city of Havana was captivatingly beautiful, in spite of being in a state of extreme neglect. The squalor of the living conditions for some of its inhabitants was distressing. How curious the way that the vulnerability of the place only  seemed to increase it's beauty.
Change is happening and the death of Fidel Castro was announced today. Hopefully things will soon improve for the people of Havana and they will be able to enjoy a decent roof over their heads.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Tuesday intros: Anne Tyler

Along with many other thousands of readers I LOVE Anne Tyler books, I'm immediately drawn in and emotionally involved with the characters that she creates. She keeps me on tenterhooks, just the right level of concern, the right level of hope.

Here is the opening page.
I'm just into the first few chapters, disturbed by Cody's behaviour, worrying about gentle Ezra. Oh, the joy of a good book and an author you can trust!
With thanks to Barbara for hosting TuesdayIntros.