Friday, 24 October 2014

Sky watching in Halkidiki

We been staying at Eagles Palace for a week. The hotel is perched high above the beach amongst luxuriant planting and is the perfect place for a bit of sky watching.

There is little else to do but relax,
and eat!
(Thank you, Christian for taking this photo.)
Our room was just a short step away from the beach
and even nearer to the exercise class. We did our best!
But was it good enough? The teacher is laughing!

Even when the sun was setting it was hard to tear ourselves away from the beach.

One evening, surely arranged especially for Friday Skywatch, there was this beautiful sunset. I just had time to point my camera before the colour  was gone.

What's not to love about Eagles' Palace!

Monday, 20 October 2014


I've been away, snatching a week of sunshine to set me up for the winter months ahead. I LOVE being at the seaside when the sun is hot and the water warm!
This Gap beach dress packs well, it takes up very little room, doesn't crease and has deep side pockets into which I can cram sunhat, cream, and random bits of beachcomber finds. Isn't it lovely to wander a shoreline in search of treasure. The skinny top came from M&S as a two part set, twinned with a white lace trimmed camisole that I very rarely wear.
For Patti's Visible Monday.