Sunday, 1 April 2012

Private View - people watching.

Himself has a couple of paintings in the Bath Society of Artists Open Exhibition and on Friday night we went with friends to the private view. The show has been moved forward this year because of the Olympics and the organizers were concerned that they might not get enough entries. They need not have feared, they received more than ever.
It is an open, mixed show, and because Bath is such a beautiful city it featured quite a bit in the artwork on display.

The people at the opening were as varied as the paintings and many of them just as colourful.
A great opportunity to people watch!
There were plenty of mayoral chains on display.

all sorts of hairstyles,

butterflies, flowers and stripes

                                    and a bit of gossip.
Himself and the Young and Fit studying the catalogue.

What do we think of it?

The men were cutting quite a sartorial dash - yellow pants, red berets, cravats, attitude!

( Last year's opening is on my June '11 posting 'Another Op'Nin Another Show!')

After the opening we went to Jamie's Italian for supper.

I ordered squid ink pasta and double checked with the young waiter that it wasn't going to be cooked in cream.
"Did he say,'No dearie'?" I asked Janet.
She gave me one of those looks. "He said, 'no dairy'", she replied.

What did I wear? 
Oska grey pin cord jacket, part of  a suit.
Grey wool trousers and suede ballet flats. 
White Nicole Farhi blouse.

The photos of my outfit were taken after midnight, when the coach had turned into a pumpkin and I was ready to tumble into bed.

Worn with grey pearl earings, a silver bracelet and amber necklace.

Ceramic Sunday.
I've been watering plants for my next door neighbour while she has been on holiday in France. She returned today, and, mindful of my gallstones, brought me a perfumed candle rather than an edible present - just the thing to post for Ceramic Sunday. 
Oh, but it smells good enough to eat!


  1. The paintings are wonderful! I would have a difficult time deciding which I liked the best. It sounds like it was a wonderful evening. I do love gallery openings. Everyone seems to have a grand time. Your pictures tell a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing your evening.

    1. The gallery has postcards for you to fill in, naming your favourite piece of artwork in the exhibition. I chose the head of a lurcher.

  2. Nice photographs - thanks for sharing!

    1. Hello JohnD, We are of an age, so it is fascinating for me to read your blog about the 1940's in Australia.

  3. I went to MOMA in NY last week. I like the pictures at the show you went to more than some of the art that I saw there. It is all in the eyes of the beholder.

    1. But even if the art at MOMA is not to your taste the building is fantastic. The Bath show is a very mixed bag!