Monday, 30 October 2017


Our friends' band was playing at a street market event on Sunday and we went along as rent-a -crowd. The forecast had been for very cold weather but at first the sun shone and kept us warm. The market was set among the former farm buildings of a medieval farmhouse. The church bells gave some stiff competition to the band that preceded ours!

There was a halloween flavour to the event
with lots of unhealthy-looking food to tempt the children.
Chocolate skull, anyone?

The children were suitably dressed.
Count Dracula?
A hungry elf tucking into a pie.
This little devil
had a wonderful time

dancing to the band.

When the sun went in we felt chilled to the bone!

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Eagles Palace

Earlier in the month we spent our autumn break at a hotel we've visited several times in both spring and autumn, a good place to soak up the sun and do little else. I live in a damp, cool country and crave warmth and sunshine. What did we get? Two days of heavy cloud to start with. We sat in our dressing gowns on the beach with the towels over our legs - the British at play, eh! I swam. (Himself did not.) After the swim it was good to visit the spa, sit in the sauna, lie on the hot stones and purr.
The new spa area overlooks the gym. Oh, go on then, it's no good just looking at the equipment and feeling guilty. Pascalis, the gym teacher, taught me a few (punishing) exercises.
On day three there was not a cloud in the sky.
Phew, what a relief. 
Down to the beach

to take up a prone position
for the rest of the week!

Yoga Class
The yoga class meet on the beach at daybreak.
Four women, ranged from thin to fat,
each in position on their mat.
(I'm placed in the middle and grateful for that.)
I study them quietly as I sit on the floor,
can give them twenty years at least
and possibly far more.
The tutor's body I've studied before
on Greek amphora where he runs or sits,
broad of shoulder and slim of hip.
Pascalis, balanced on one foot
can surely hardly bear to look
at we poor women, thin to fat,
each struggling gamely on our mat.

In previous years the staff had been unchanging and we knew them well, but after several years away everything was different. No room with a balcony to catch the evening sun on this trip. In the mornings when the sun shone in we were down on the beach. Our view gave a glimpse of the old tower in the town
and the brand new hotel bungalows ranged up the hillside.
But the food was as good as ever.
Yes, TWO croissants!
It's a nice place to be.