Saturday, 2 July 2016

A room of their own.

There is currently an exhibition entitled, 'A Room of their Own' at the Victoria Gallery in Bath of paintings from the Charleston set and artefacts from the Omega Workshop. Items have been borrowed from sources around the country and they create a very interesting show - all very much tidier than Charleston farmhouse itself which is gloriously unkempt and reminds me of the house that I grew up in!

Self-portrait, Duncan Grant.
Vanessa Bell
One of her beautiful paintings.

Interesting to read that the paint was just poured onto the screen. The finished work looked controlled and well-designed, not random at all.

Such a lot has been written over the years about the lives of the Bloomsbury Group and their friends, all neatly and amusingly summed up by the well-known quip,
talked in circles,
lived in squares,
loved in triangles!


  1. A visit to Charleston is definitely on my someday-maybe wish list!

    1. I do hope that you get to visit someday, Michelle. I went on a warm summer's day and it was perfect, both house and walled garden, it had the feeling that the former occupants were still around.

  2. I enjoy roaming through old mansions and this one looks very interesting and lovely.

  3. What a lovely exhibit. I'm ashamed to admit that I have owned a copy of Virginia Woolf's "A Room of One's Own" for many years and I've never ever read it. Oop! Time to dust it off, I'd say. Thanks for the reminder.