Thursday, 3 January 2013

Hair - a posting for Paula

I went to my hairdresser's before Christmas thinking that I might have a change of style, I have been lopsided for any number of years. But guess what, once she started to cut I thought that I'd stay lopsided! I bought a new shampoo instead, to ring the changes. "Just the thing for your hair," said the hairdresser.
When it comes out of the tube it's the most terrifying colour, an intense blue/violet!
Wee One's hair is very long,
 Big Sister just cannot compete.
We had a hair conversation and Wee One thought that Himself could do with a little more up top.
Then all the females in the household had hysterics.
That's how silly it gets when we are all home for Christmas!


  1. Rosemary, Laughing is always the perfect way to spend time with family. Sounds like so much fun. Happy New Year!

  2. lol.....Excellent! Himself doesn't look very impressed.

    1. Oh, Himself is always over-run, out-foxed, out-numbered, (out-witted, spoilt rotten?) when we are all together!

  3. Oh, I almost missed this posting!!
    I got stuck in the Thaw at Share my Garden - I did not realize there where two blogs. #-)

    Your family (including you) is gorgeous!

    I am sure your hairstylist did some little changes, details. They usually do so. At least mine does.

    Thank you for this enjoyable posting!

    1. I'm so glad you've found this post as I did it just for you!
      The final photo really makes me smile because Wee One's face captures the ridiculous hysterics that we had. (Not Himself, but that was only because he couldn't see himself with so much hair!)