Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Ballroom Spy

Last night we went to the opening of an exhibition at the RWA Bristol called, 'The Ballroom Spy', with paintings by Jack Vettriano and photographs by Jeanette Jones. It was standing room only. What an occasion for people watching! Nobody had told me that it was fancy dress! I spent more time looking at the assortment of people than at the work on the walls.

Just a gigolo?

I loved the black and white photographs of ballroom dancers. Unfortunately my reflection in the glass interferes with the image.

No such problems with the paintings, but they didn't interest me, they lacked the tension and the beauty of the photographs. Jack Vettriano's work is best known in the form of greeting cards and prints. The paintings on display were for sale - if you happened to have around forty to a hundred thousand pounds!
This exhibition heralds a more populist approach by the RWA in order to attract a larger public and increase gallery income.

I saw this man wearing the most amazing tie, a dazzling affair of Swarovski crystals.

Jason Edwards is the director of Crystal Adonis, 'adding a little extra sparkle to everyday life.' He very obligingly came to stand before this enormous giclee print, called "Diamonds and Pearls." It has been embellished with Swarovski crystals by Jason, in a collaboration with the photographer, Jeanette Jones.


When people in the central galleries were ushered to the sides and the music started, I realised that the costumes were more than a walk on part.

The dancers were immaculately dressed and absolutely charming. The young man's face was from an other era entirely.
 Jack Vettriano can be spotted behind the dancer's shoulder wearing glasses and a striped tie.
Cuffs pulled into place and they were off!


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  1. It looks a really swish occasion - and those costumes are really something special. I really loved the orange one although my days of wearing such an outfit are long past (if, indeed, they were ever there!) It was lovely meeting you both and I do hope we meet again.