Thursday, 14 July 2011

Bloggers meeting.

I've only just past my first year of blogging and last Friday experienced my first blogger meet up.  The Weaver of Grass lives just a few miles away from where my parents used to live, in the next dale. I follow her blog with interest as it is a wonderful link with the area that I used to call 'home'.  I feel as though I know some bloggers really well and dearly wish that they might be as accessible for a meet up as the Weaver. (Some other bloggers remain an absolute mystery to me!) 
Of course I knew all about the arrival of the chickens from the Weaver's blog. They were outside on the grass run when we came to look, but before I could use my camera Tess, the terrier, had shown far too much interest and mother hen assembled her brood and led them single file back into the coop.

We had a good old natter about art, plants, places and poetry. Thank you Weaver and Farmer for your hospitality, we had a lovely time.


  1. Sounds a lovely way to spend the day. Bonnie

  2. So both of you are not too far away from me, then. That must be disconcerting for you! Nice doggie.

  3. Thank you for coming both of you - we had a lovely chat didn't we? The blogs I suggested to you - and I am sure you would enjoy -
    P - Art Propelled R - acornmoon

    Neither blogger blogs regularly but they are right up your street I am sure - so do take a look. Both are on my sidebar.

    Super photograph of Tess - the best I have seen for a long time. Is there a chance you could send it to me by e mail?

    Do give me a ring when you are up here again.