Monday, 13 June 2011

Dear, dear.

No sooner does Maisie come back from a glorious walk in the woods or across the fields than she is subjected to a close inspection. Three deer ticks this week! I hate them and so does she.
When she sees me get the tweezers out she takes to her bed. I've told her she doesn't know how lucky she is, at least she doesn't have to have her leg shaved like poor Crusoe, the handsome fox-terrier who lives with Dash at thefrenchsampler. Crusoe came to blows with a goat and it looks as though he came off the worse.
Maisie doesn't want to know.  "Go away, I'm injured. I just want to sleep."


  1. Hello Rosemary:
    Feeling rather like Alice we have dropped down the rabbit hole and ended up in the Wonderland of Miss Cellany.

    What a wonderful time you have been having with Private Views and your husband's show. We laughed at the colour-co-ordinated viewers and their paintings and felt that everyone seemed to be very jolly indeed.

    But, por Maisie. She is having no fun at all with the deer ticks. It certainly makes the whole business of going out for walks a worry.

  2. Glad you found those ticks. Maise could have been very sick and so could have you. I know of people with Lime disease and it can be debilitating. Stay safe.