Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Charlton Farm, Children's Hospice South West.

Five years ago Charlton Farm was a tenanted farm with a number of derelict outbuildings, situated in a peaceful valley south of the city of Bristol. Today, thanks to the dedication of many people, it is an extremely beautiful place dedicated to the care of terminally ill children and their relatives.

We came to look at this tree, planted in memory of the children's author, Dick King-Smith. The title of the film, 'Babe,' based on his book, 'The Sheep-pig' was used for the fundraising appeal.

Peter made a carving to illustrate the story of the book. Here he is showing Dick the piece of wood  to be used for the project.

The carving retains the natural uneven edge of the wood, complete with the outer bark. The bump in the centre became a hill that was one of Dick's favourite local landmarks.

The finished carving has vignettes of specific events in the book. There are lots of small details for the children to find and the carving is set low on the wall in the sitting room where it can be touched and explored.

Lovely gardens and play areas now surround the buildings. See photos of the garden on sharemygarden

This new development shows accommodation on the ground floor for the children with  rooms for their relatives above. 
Eddie Farwell and Zona King-Smith walk past roses that were named after Eddie's late wife.
Eddie is the driving force behind the hospices in the South West of England, having lost a son and daughter to childhood illness. Planning has been approved for a third hospice in Cornwall.

These projects are supported by voluntary fundraising. Please visit their website at www.chsw.org.uk for information.

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  1. In all of the badness in the world, it's lovely to be reminded of what wonderful vision and kindness is around, by people and places such as this. Truly inspirational!