Sunday, 26 June 2011

Summer pudding.

We went to friends for supper last night and I took this summer pudding. Steve smoked a trout with a smoker that he had ordered from America, a piece of equipment that is quite unusual to find in England but which produces wonderfully tasty food. We got home in the early hours, and when we woke up this morning  hurrah, summer had arrived!

Summer pudding to serve 6.

1lb raspberries
8oz redcurrants
4oz blackcurrants
5oz sugar
7-8 medium slices of white bread.

Lightly butter a 850ml pudding basin and line with bread slices, crusts removed.
Melt sugar with the fruit for a few minutes until the juices start to run then pour into the pudding basin and cover the top with bread slices. (I reserve some of the fruit and juice to pour over the inverted pudding before serving.)
Put a weighted saucer on top and leave in fridge overnight.
Invert into a dish to serve, and eat with thick cream or ice cream. 


  1. Sounds tasty and easy to make. My kind of dessert.

  2. Looks delicious! I love the beautiful red color. I eat summer berries by the handful.

  3. Summer Pudding is great. It's almost a shame that you can buy the frozen fruit all year round to make it now - it's a bit like the way that the first strawberry of the season used to be such an event before air-freight.