Monday, 5 June 2017

Grecotel Imperial

The neighbours are always rather pleased when we travel abroad as it seems to coincide with a period of excellent weather in Blighty. Our recent holiday was no exception, a couple of storms over Corfu while England enjoyed a heatwave. (It did, of course, mean that the neighbours had rather a lot of watering of my pots and more tender things that were still stuffed in the greenhouse. Now that we're back home it's pouring with rain and blowing a gale!) We had previously stayed at the Imperial in the autumn of 2015 and enjoyed it very much, but we've visited Corfu many times in the spring and know that while there is always the chance of rain so early in the season there is also a countryside awash with wild flowers and that it is a comfortable temperature to be out and about.
We were given the same lovely room as before,
with a good view from the veranda
whatever the time of day.
Every day I swam from one or other of the small, sandy beaches out to the diving platform.
The beaches are linked by a wooden walkway.

and there are plenty of places to lounge.
One of pleasures of returning to this hotel is to have morning yoga with Barbara, she is such a lovely and encouraging tutor.
The classes are held in the most idyllic spot with sea on either side and the sound of gently lapping water. Barbara performs every move with ease 

and the rest of us do the best we can!

The walk through the hotel grounds to the yoga circle is lovely.

On a cloudy morning Barbara took us for a walk to the nearby church of Ipapanti

We passed this climbing plant on our walk, it looks like some form of fly catcher.
It had masses of seeds!
Even in poor weather Corfu is beautiful
and the sun soon returns!


  1. Isn't it a beautiful world Rosemary. I now know something about Corfu.

    1. I took so many photos, Donna, that I think you are about to know a whole lot more about Corfu - one of my favourite places!