Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Danilia Village

Before our Corfu holiday I watched the television series, 'The Durrells'. The storyline was hopeless but the scenery and costumes were delightful. So it was a nice surprise to learn that Danilia Village, used as a filmset for the programme, is owned by the Grecotel Group, of which the Imperial is a member and that the hotel would arrange a coach to take a group to look around. Prior to the new ownership the village had been built  in the '70's, a little inland from the coast, in typical Corfiot style as a museum of folklore.
The hotel magazine had some photos of the filming.
We were given a warm welcome at this lovely entrance
before being free to wander around.

We were offered a welcome drink,
a Corfu speciality of chilled water with a spoonful of molten sugar and glucose syrup. A bit too sweet for my taste!

It was lovely to wander up and down the street
looking in the church

and the various little dwellings with their props from the programme.

It was delightful.


  1. So that's how they did it! You mean all of Corfu does not look like the set for "The Durrells"? Oh well... Yes, some of the tv series was silly, but I enjoyed it immensely and am now reading "The Durrells of Corfu" by Michael Haag.

    1. Much of Corfu DOES look like this! There are many beautiful villages. We hired a car and visited some of our old haunts, just as lovely as ever - photos to follow.
      I shall have to read the Michael Haag book. 'My Family...' was one of our younger daughter's favourite books as a child and we recorded the first television series for her which she watched again and again.

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