Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Corfu's deserted village

We have visited Old Peritheia a number times over the years. On the first occasion the village was utterly silent with a mass of wild flowers underfoot and yellow butterflies in the air. It was quite magical.

So I was irritated at first to find a car park and a restaurant with it's extractor fan making a great din in this formerly peaceful place.
But the sight of a veg garden always cheers me up, especially one with a chair and a table with checked tablecloth!

A beekeeper was at work
and once away from the restaurant all was quiet.

The houses are slowly disintegrating.
It's possible to peer inside
but no longer safe enough to enter.
Ceilings and floors have collapsed since our last visit.

This is my favourite house.

Take a closer look.
When you stand on the veranda there is a cooling breeze that wafts from up the valley.
It must have been a beautiful home.
It saddens me to see it disintegrating.

But perhaps there's hope. Other houses are in the process of being restored. Perhaps 'my' house will get the same treatment before it's too late.

Back to the coast for a swim. We used to holiday for many years in a little place just above this beach and were last here about fifteen years ago. The taverna is now twice the size but otherwise little has changed.
Then along the road to the supermarket to be hugged and kissed by the owners. "Why so long?" they wanted to know. We bought some of their delicious honey.
I stopped to photograph from the road that winds up out of town.
It was a very nostalgic trip!


  1. Replies
    1. I agree, as long as the restorations are sympathetic. One of the restored houses, that I declined to photograph, stuck out like a sore thumb.

  2. I visited Greece and some of it's islands 30 years ago. I fell in love with the country and it's simple beauty and thought that if I had a choice to live anywhere in the world, it would be on an island in Greece. I always thought I would return but life and family got in the way. After seeing your pictures, I wish I had seen and experienced more.

    1. Dear Maybe, I hope very much that you will be able to make a return trip to Greece (and if you come to Europe, visit me!) The island of Corfu I would especially recommend, although there are many smaller islands that I've yet to visit. The Greeks are wonderfully friendly.

  3. We've pretty much decided on a trip to Greece next year, and I've fallen in love with Corfu (thanks to both you and the Durrells). May I ask where do you recommend to stay and what hotel(s)? Much appreciated! If you like you may write to: ambraver@sbcglobal.net

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