Thursday, 29 August 2013

Linen dresses

I bought this dress a while ago in a Boden sale. It is practical and easy to wear. It came with a self fabric tie belt but I prefer to use either a black leather belt or a bit of colour such as this pink leather belt from M&S. I've worn the dress with black leggings when going on holiday. It is an easy outfit to sleep in on the plane and has four button-down pockets which are great for airline tickets, boarding cards and passport. Before I get to my (warmer!) destination I can whip off the leggings and pop them in my handbag. The only problem with the dress is that it creases so easily.
Last year I looked online and spotted it in Boden clearance in this other colour way. Now you can see just how creased these dresses get. It was freshly ironed this morning but after a short drive to see the dentist for a check up and polish I came back looking as though I'd been out on safari!
The belt loops for both these dresses were somewhere up around my ribcage. I know that I'm long in the body and short in the leg, but, hey, give me a complex or what! I just took the scissors and cut them off. The sleeves have a button tab if you want to have them rolled up.
The calfskin belt is another Boden sale item. It has a turquoise-coloured backing so I've picked out the same colour in my necklace.
Now that high summer has passed these dresses are useful clothing.


  1. Great dresses. Good old Boden! I know what you mean about traveling in linen. I once wore a linen suit on a transatlantic flight and I looked like an origami project when I got off the plane.

  2. Hope you looked like an Issey Miyake origami project - VERY trendy! I just look like an English woman who can't do origami, or pleating or tidiness. I'm on a plane journey tomorrow but I think I'll give linen a miss.