Monday, 9 September 2013

Italian style

We've been in Sardinia for a week to enjoy some late summer sunshine. I like the brio of Italian style, good at simple, understated design but also good at bling. We had a stroll around Porto Cervo to see how the other half live - and shop! 
It was comfortable to walk along the shaded arcades and gawp at the luxury items on display. There were plenty of fur coats. FUR COATS! 
Himself was happy to sit and drink coffee and leave me to exhaust myself in window gazing.

Italian children are so charmingly dressed. When our daughters were small I would sketch the styles that I saw and then attempt to make something similar when we were home. This dress shop displayed just the sort of simple, classic styles that I like.
The thing that makes them special is the use of really good quality fabric and attention to detail.
I wouldn't mind wearing this funky little outfit.
Plus the beanie!
Although I draw the line at the penguin suit.
But what a collection of shops for grownups!

I loved this pinafore dress in the Prada window.
I went into the shop and spoke to the assistant. The pinafore fabric is a mixture of cashmere and mohair. It felt fabulous!
The camera has picked up a great deal of reflection in the windows due to the bright sunshine but I quite like the result.
I tried to photograph some bling - the most encrusted watch that I have ever seen - but the dazzle defeated me!
Check out these delightful shoes.

And the covetable jewellery.
I couldn't resist photographing this colourful lady! (I did ask permission first.)

She made me feel rather pale!
The shops were quiet because the beautiful people were out sailing. We went down to the harbour 
and did a bit more gawping at the astonishing boats!


  1. It is nice to see how the 1% live and be a part of their world, even if it is only for a few days.

    I love little girls' cotton smocked dresses. My mom made dresses like that for me, and I bought similar ones for my daughters, and now my granddaughters. They couldn't look cuter.

    1. I spent hours smocking dresses for my daughters when they were small. Gathering the dots was as interesting as watching paint dry but I loved doing the decorative stitching!

  2. Not all the beautiful people were out sailing - clearly you were in town shopping. Gorgeous photos. I'll take the Prada dress and the booties, please. Aaaah.

    1. All we bought were coffees and ice creams. Prices were crazy.Those boots have your name on them but I'll fight you for the Prada dress.

  3. I have never been to Italy - must get there!!!

    love the Valentino and Prada wares - wow! As for children - I am fully in your camp - I loved to dress my daughter in dresses that were more timeless in nature - not always easy once she got into school!

    so glad you had a wonderful holiday!

  4. I'm sure that Italy would delight you. I took lots of photos of Porto Cervo which I'm going to post on Share my Garden once I've got the plum crop under control and dealt with the courgettes that have grown to huge proportions in the space of one week!