Thursday, 15 August 2013

Leading men

I've seen some excellent French films this year. This week it was Pascal Bonitzer's "Looking for Hortense", described as a 'comedie de moeurs.'  Jean-Pierre Bacri, the male lead, was wonderful as mournful, somewhat world-weary Damien. Kristen Scott Thomas once again played a neurotic woman - she is in so many films at the moment that she must be working round the clock! Paris was the backdrop, beautifully observed. I liked everything about this film and we talked about it afterwards on our way to a restaurant to eat. I enjoy conversations after a good film or book or play when we discuss what we thought of it and sometimes find that we have arrived at the same opinion and other times have a completely different take on things. This time we both agreed that it was well cast and well structured, with some excellent cameo performances and a thought-provoking storyline.
At the restaurant I went to the ladies, shut the door and found an extremely gorgeous Sean Connery looking down at me!
Well, he may have been admiring the new/old water closet system. (When I was an art student I used to buy lavatory chain like this to use as a necklace for the pieces of jewellery that I made from coloured enamels fused onto copper!)
I popped next door to see who might be there. 
Oh, Boy! Cary Grant!
So glad I was wearing my lacy underwear!


  1. I don't think I could have gone...

    how cheeky!

    Thanks for the movie recommendation!

    1. Cheeky! Me or the men?

      I hope you will enjoy the film, do let me know what you think of it.

  2. Oh my, Sean Connery. He is such a classic. I love movies set in Paris, I will look for it. I hope you are having a wonderful August. Bonnie

    1. Yes, isn't that a great photo? Only Sean Connery was James Bond in my opinion!

      It has been a lovely summer but soft rain today, and, dare I say it in mid August, a sense of autumn in the air.

  3. I wonder whose performance-stopping photos were in the "Gents"!?