Saturday, 4 August 2012


The town of Frome is well known for shops selling vintage goods. We went along to one of their vintage fairs to see what was on offer.
This stall holder was suitably dressed in the period of the items that she had for sale.

There were some tempting packages of materials for makers,
beautifully co-ordinated fabrics, buttons and trims
and the items that could be made from the contents of the package.
On a another stall small pieces of old fabric had been used as a decorative feature on new cotton bags.
and another displayed only small squares of fabric suitable for patchwork. They did'nt look particularly 'vintage' to me.
What did I buy?
A Liberty varuna wool skirt. It was finely pleated, but not after I had taken it home and washed it!
 No complaints for the price of £7, even if it does have a few moth holes!
I also bought, for £8, this 1930's bed cover with it's strange period design. It is just the thing in my daughter's bedroom as a dust cover over the bedding.


  1. Replies
    1. It has a darn in a prominent place but even so I couldn't resist buying it. I was also worried that the colours might run in a machine wash but as you can see it was fine. It is very thin cotton so makes an ideal dust cover.
      I'm always on the look-out for monogrammed French bed linen but never manage to find the right initials.

  2. It seems to me the village fair could be a spot to spend the day rummaging the the wares. I love the packages put together with everything one might need to create. I enjoy looking for vintage linens although I am not very knowledgeable of the subject.

  3. I bought one of the packages as a present for Wee One. It took me ages to choose which one to buy, they were all so nice!