Monday, 13 August 2012

40's fashion, hats and furs.

At Leyburn's 40's weekend people were happily strutting their stuff. 
There was a great display of hats. 

And bits of fur came a close second.

Why ever did I throw out my mother's dead fox? It had a wonderful tail, all four paws and very menacingly beady black eyes in a mean little face. It's jaw was on a hinge to enable it to stay draped on the shoulders, chasing it's tail. I was not very fond of it as a child. I wonder if someone is still wearing it today?

I bought some cherries like these to pin to a beret.
Some people's headgear was altogether more serious
not to mention practical. 
This shop keeper told me that she had bought the very last pair of hair curlers from the chemist's shop that morning. (1940's teeth!)
And the men were not immune from a spot of retail therapy as well.


  1. What fun to see all the wonderful hats, furs and other "get-ups". I actually have my mother's mink which is designed exactly like the fox stole you describe. I think it might actually be two minks attached. I resurrected it in the late 70s. It is now wrapped and stored in the cedar closet. Have a wonderful week. Bonnie

  2. Oh, Bonnie, you have obviously been far more caring of your mother;s possessions than I have managed to be. I was overwhelmed by the contents of my parents' house when the time came to clear. Although I kept some treasured objects and their associated memories there were many things that I let go and now rather wish I had kept. (The fox, however, was long gone!)

  3. Beautiful and soo elegant!
    My grandmothers furs went to the war: they had been collected to support the soldiers fighting in Russia. Later she found out, those furs never made it to the soldiers and decades later she was still bitter about the fox she had given away. After the war it was all Persian rug. :-/