Thursday, 16 August 2012


Until we went to the 40's weekend in Leyburn I had never heard of 're-enactors', people who dress in costume and re-enact the period and character of their outfit.
Those in uniform had carefully researched the history relating to the clothes that they were wearing.
This Queen Alexandra nurse was immaculately dressed and she told me some historic details of this famous nursing corps. I was not surprised to learn that her career had been as a nurse.
And this chap had studied Churchill's voice and mannerisms very well.

'Our boys' were keeping an eye on the unexploded bomb. They had discovered the local butcher's shop and were munching pork pies
while the 'Americans' were eating fish and chips.
It was very much a family affair, with a great many couples enjoying being in character together.

There were a few eccentrics. (This is England!)

Evacuees were collected from the railway station and given refreshments
and a newspaper hat
which blew off in the wind.
These two evacuees, in their brownie uniforms
were put in the back of a vintage car with Mum at the wheel - an entire family outing.
the band played on.
We are going to a 'Dig for Victory' event at the weekend!


  1. That looks like a whole lot of fun! I love your outfit too. Carry on!

  2. Phew, now it is getting a bit scary. But as you said: This is England! :-)

  3. Watch out, Paula, the men wear skirts in Scotland. Now that is scary!