Tuesday, 17 April 2012


We were away at the weekend visiting Cambridge, London and Oxford, staying with  family. Minimal packing was required for moving to different households. Although the sun shone, the wind cut through me like a knife. Thank goodness for the warmth of my pashmina!

From Christchurch College we walked down through the water meadows to the river. It was far too cold for anyone to be punting!

My pashmina is enormous, two metres in length and yet it is very light and folds up into the smallest space in my shoulder bag when not needed.
I wore a black mac by Claudie Pierlot with it's warm quilted lining and carried a brolly.
This is England!

For Patti at Not Dead Yet Style.
The other week this article appeared in the Metro paper. Now that's what I call bold!


  1. Now *that* is a fabulous pashmina, Rosemary. A beautiful color against your silvery hair. Thanks so much for sharing with Visible Monday, and I hope you have a lovely week.