Sunday, 8 January 2012

Ceramic Sunday, two handled mug.

In a couple of days I shall be the mother of a forty year old.  Crickey!
I seem to remember that this transfer mug came free after collecting a number of tokens from something such as Farley's rusks. It was never used because it seemed a bit unwieldy for tiny hands and too hard a surface for newly acquired front teeth. 
Mind you,  the rather forlorn looking teddy bear egg cup is a whole lot older than forty - it belongs to Himself and he will be celebrating his seventieth birthday later this month! 


  1. The teddy bear does look a little lost doesn't he? I do love the cup with the sweet bluebird. It makes a cute decoration. Hugs! Bonnie

  2. I still have my children's cups and would be heartbroken if something happened to them so I keep them hidden away. I really shouldn't; they should be taken out to be enjoyed like you do yours.

  3. Oh dear - it is the one thing we can do absolutely nothing about isn't it? So we might just as well smile and let the world go by.