Sunday, 1 January 2012

Ceramic Sunday, Emma's cup and saucer.

This generously sized teacup has been sponge decorated by my friend Emma Hickmott.
I need a big drink before I embark on my New Year's resolution, which is to try to maintain a regular exercise routine!


  1. P.S. - I am amazed that if you can afford to run an AGA, Cher, you cannot also afford to get a pair of shoes or a complete haircut! (lol...) XXX

  2. Well Rosemary, if you up for it, whenever we come through your way for a break, I will look to you for a jogging partner, as I have some serious post Christmas flab and laziness to get rid of by the onslaught of next summer. Besides which, you don't look as though you need to exercise....pretty fit! Take care.

  3. Dear Tom, that incomplete haircut comes very expensive!

    Jogging, Gary? I'll be hiding in a cupboard. I'm just hoping to exercise enough in order to be able to bend!

  4. I love the stove and your haircut amazes me every time anew - I would never dare to go for an assymetric haircut but I love it on you.

    Enough with the "off topic", back to "on topic", would gymnastics suffice? I am bad at bending, too.

  5. Snap Rosenary! Until October when the weather turned cooler, I walked very quickly for about two miles at lunch time with Tess and as a result felt fine. Now, after a rather sluggish Christmas and New Year, my resolution is to get back to it. I have done it today in a snowstorm.

  6. Dear Paula, I seem to be attracted to a lop-sided look as I've also got quite a few clothes that are asymmetrical.
    Gymnastics sounds most impressive - I've been given two dvds, 'pilates for the over 50's' and one on Vinyasa flow yoga. Wish me luck!

    Dear Weaver, A snowstorm sounds wonderful! We have rain, hailstones, more rain. Well, we are starting with good intentions on the resolution front. (How long will they last?!!)