Sunday, 15 January 2012

Ceramic Sunday, coronation mug.

There have been a number of television programmes just lately about the British royal family, giving a far more critical assessment than has formerly been the case. Two  recent programmes dealt with the upbringing of King George V and his marriage to his dead brother's fiancee, Mary. 
I had always thought of Queen Mary as a cold, formidable woman, but as portrayed on television she was not so at all and I've now revised my opinion to think of her as rather impressive.
I suspect that most households in Britain have, like ours, a motley collection of royal mugs, not necessarily because they are staunch royalists, but because mugs were handed out to school children as a free gift to celebrate various special royal events. 
The transfer on our 1911 mug is now rather scuffed and scratched, the gold rim darkened.

And it tells quite a different story from Britain in the 21st century!

The maker, the style and supplier are all clearly recorded on the base.


  1. Wonderful mug and very interesting posting! When I read the title in the preview on my blog I paused and thought "Who? Charles? William?" I would like to watch a coronation on television soon, with Queen Elizabeth sitting in the first row. I would want her to be still around.

  2. That is a beautiful mug.

    Our mugs here in the US are not so artistically done. No royalty here, just a bunch of bozos.