Wednesday, 7 December 2011


I'm busy. Busy catching up on all the things that I should have been doing over the last couple of weeks - before I got ill. If you live in England, NEVER be ill at the weekend! Himself got very little sleep, he kept having to get back into his clothes and go down the garden path to wait for an out of hours doctor. What is it about me that I always take a turn for the worse at an ungodly hour? 
Well, this week, my third scan of the year, and, at last, a diagnosis. Didn't I say so at the start? Gallstones, b----- gallstones! Christmas is coming and there will be no chocolate, no pudding or pigs in blankets, no brandy butter for me. Oh, how galling!
So here I am, just sitting quietly and writing the Christmas cards and trying to be good.


  1. Oh, Miss Cellany, this is bad news. But it is a disease that can be cured, right?
    The photo (probably your husband took) is a beautiful capture of your busy time. It looks so calm and quiet! Don't tell me the televison was on in the back of the room, lets say Dancing Stars?
    Have a peaceful next weekend.

  2. Poor Cher! Any time of the year is bad to get gallstones. You'll just have to sit back and be waited upon.

  3. About 7 or so years ago, I had my gallbladder removed. It was a quick operation (no cutting -they went through the belly button) and then a few days recovery. I had it done on Thursday and was back to work on Tuesday. No reason to suffer when there is a somewhat easy fix. Take care of yourself.

  4. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well - take care.

  5. I am so sorry to hear you have not been well. I am sending you wishes for a speedy recovery. Save the forbidden fruits until you are better. They will tastes even more delicious.

  6. Dear Paula, no t.v. in the dining room - all was quiet! I'm eating like an orphan child and waiting to hear whether they can zap me back to normal life!

    Thank you Tom, I am feeling pathetic and much in need of sympathy!

    Dear Starting Over, yes, I understand that it's a very simple procedure, but if they can blast the stones away then I'll try that first.

    Dear Rosemary and Bonnie, thank you both for your kind words. This is shaping up to be the first December when I actually loose weight!

  7. Oh, I'm so busy I'm totally behind on everything and now just catching up with the blogs I follow - what a bad news here :(
    Rosemary, lots of sympathy for you and I'm sure the problems will be solved faster than you think. They have to - someone who looks so pretty writing cards can't suffer with gallstones, right?
    All the best for you!

  8. Dear Bozena, thank you for your kindness. The only pretty I am feeling is pretty awful!