Sunday, 11 December 2011

Ceramic Sunday, kitchen shelves

I've been rather remiss in posting ceramic Sundays just lately, so I'm catching up on myself by showing you a couple of shelves of assorted ceramics  from my kitchen dresser. A small doll in a teacup, a favourite postcard, a cardboard container from Barcelona (contents eaten), a motley selection of things. I've never promised that I was tidy, now have I!  
And if these are my shelves, just imagine the state of my brain!


  1. Those flutes on the double-knopped glass next to the photo, Cher - are they cut or hammered?

  2. That tea pot top shelf left looks suspiciously like Haddon Hall Minton. My favourite - I have a lot of it and collected it for years until I ran out of shelf space.

  3. Not the foggiest, Tom. But, following an earlier posting of yours, I gave all my old glasses a ping and that one gave the most beautiful noise (if that's any help!)

    Yes, Weaver, it's a Haddon Hall tea set lurking in the top corner. So perfectly English, and therefore just the thing for afternoon tea!