Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Too much wuthering

Last week Pat, of the Weaver of Grass blog, wondered what other bloggers thought of the new film version of Emily Bronte's  'Wuthering Heights.'  Exiled Yorkshire woman that I am, I went to see it this week. It is filmed in a landscape that I know well, and, dear me, there was an awful lot of weather, altogether far too much wuthering. 
Once again we have a film that only depicts the first half of the book, stopping before there is any mention of the further generation and the sad outcome of obsession and revenge. I have always found it strange that this story is described as one of love. Examples are given of Heathcliff's cruelty in the film, but, oh, he looks drop dead gorgeous in his white shirt (and equally so without it!)
I thought that it was perfect to cast a black actor in the role, wholly plausible given that he is described in the book as being dark skinned and was found as a child wandering the streets of the great seaport city of Liverpool.
I don't know anyone from  Yorkshire daft enough to roll in a peat bog who would then scrub up quite so well as these actors, and for goodness sake WILL SOMEONE HOLD THAT CAMERA STEADY!

Verdict, a tad indulgent, but , oh, my homeland is beautiful, even when it's wuthering!

We used to have a Dobermann whom my father named, 'Keeper' after the dog in 'Wuthering Heights'. Keeper did not like men in hats and lived up to his namesake well, so far as the postman was concerned, stalking him up and down our long drive, growling in a quiet but threatening manner. One day the postman threw his cap at Keeper and that marked the end of good behaviour. Post then became a bit erratic, with letters arriving a day late, bearing the pencilled message, 'dog out, could not deliver.'

Ower Tops.

T'other side o't dale 's
a veil o' milky 'ue
as you an' I an' t' dog
on t' peat moor top can view,
at dusk,
a sky awash wi' pink.
An' everythin' takes on a magic glow
as walkin' ower tops we go.

 On the tops (in a bit of weather) with Keeper and Michele. Jan. 1960.


  1. Oh my, I am feeling so out of the loop. I didn't know there was a new production of "Wuthering Heights". Thanks for the review. I find I am almost always disappointed in movies made from a book.

  2. The film has not come to our local cinema yet, but I am looking forward to seeing it. Thanks for the write up.
    I know how you feel about seeing your landscape on the film, I felt the same when I saw Jane Eyre, most of which was filmed in my childhood patch of Derbyshire.

  3. Certainly agree about the shirtless Heathcliffe. There is a comment on my Wuthering Heights post about another blogger who has been to see it. She hated it. I just found it a bit like the curate's egg.

  4. The photo On the Tops seems like from another world. Reminder: I need to get prints of my digital family photos!

  5. Dear Bonnie, my biggest disappointment was the film of 'The English Patient.' I absolutely loved the book but the focus was changed in the film. Perhaps it is best to think of them as entirely different.

    Dear Rosemary, your childhood patch certainly looked wonderful in the latest Jane Eyre.

    Curate's egg, exactly, Weaver!

    Dear Paula, yes, it seems like another world to me as well, and I'm the person in the photo!