Sunday, 6 November 2011

Ceramic Sunday, wash bowl.

This suitably palm tree-decorated wash bowl sits on its homespun yellow stand in the folk museum on the island of Tortola. I suspect that it will have been manufactured and shipped out from England at some point and regret, now, that I wasn't sufficiently nosey at the time to look underneath in search of any trade marks.

Main Street is a jumble of vibrantly coloured clapperboard houses

and, judging from this photograph in the museum, it has changed very  little over the years.

Another museum photograph shows a woman collecting salt just by scooping it up with her hands.

Main Street is all luxurious plant growth, joyful colour, warmth and sunshine - just what we Brits are starved of!

Not to mention the aromas wafting from the spice shop!


  1. I love all the bright colors. As I passed by the spice shop I could almost smell all the exotic aromas. Sounds like you are having a lovely time. Bonnie

  2. How pretty. The colors lift my spirits. Enjoy, enjoy!