Sunday, 20 November 2011

Ceramic Sunday: coffee cups.

My father bought this set of small coffee cups for me when I was a child and the gold-plated spoons were one of my parents' wedding presents, hardly ever used. Both he and I were attracted by the combination of bright jewel-like colours and gold interior. Just lately coffee has been off the menu for me, so annoying because a small cup of coffee (and a chocolate!) seem the perfect ending to a decent meal. I have used this little set often and with  a mixture of pleasure and amusement. They were bought when I was young and I think because Dad could not resist them so I was a good excuse! 


  1. To receive a gift that is favored by both giver and recipient is very special. The story of the gifted cups is even lovelier because it is a love shared between father and daughter. Thank you for sharing.

    Oh my, I do hope you are allowed to return to your coffee and chocolate soon. A divine combination.

  2. Attractive set of coffee cups - I love the way you have captured the gleaming golden interiors with your camera. Hope you are now fully recovered from your cold following your trip.

  3. I like the unique coffee cups!!

  4. Those cupse are so unique and represent the lifestyle of that time.
    Isn't funny, how every cup as a unique colour?
    My grandparents had similar cups, now we celebrate sunday afternoon coffee at my parent's place with those cups.
    I love to choose the shade that suits my mood of the day.

    Maybe de-caff coffee would be an alternative to coffee?