Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Yesterday, at the other side of my world, a funeral service was held for my friend David. Our families had shared holidays together throughout our childhood. They provided so many happy memories to last throughout our adult lives.

Mostly we recalled the exploits of David and my elder brother, Stuart; adventures involving improvised go-carts, oil-drum rafts and apple-pie beds.

David and his wife, Ann, moved to New Zealand many years ago when their boys were young. It was the ideal country, providing the outdoor life that David loved. He led a very healthy, active life and I doubt that, like many men, he ever felt it necessary to undergo health checks. He was diagnosed as having prostrate cancer at too late a stage for successful treatment.
When I asked my brother if he had taken the simple test for this disease, he responded with a shudder and said, "No!"

Our doctor is a quiet, serious and thorough lady. The first time Himself had the test he pulled down his pants as requested for an examination. "Oh!" he said, "that hasn't happened to me since Eton!" He waited for the sound of laughter or an answering witty comment. None came. He pulled up his underpants and trousers and tried to look as though he had never spoken!

Our next door neighbour and several friends have all been identified through early testing as having prostate cancer. All of them have been successfully treated. EARLY testing is the answer, before symptoms become apparent.
PLEASE DO THIS, gentlemen.


  1. Someone very close to me is having a biopsy in October for suspected prostrate cancer. I can hardly breath thinking about it.

  2. Dear Starting Over, if they are looking at your friend nice and early then his prospects should be excellent. I wish him good health. Keep breathing.

  3. Only a few weeks ago I went for my first examination as there was something wrong in that area. The doctor was brilliant. Very matter of fact, talkative and with a great and appropriate sense of humour. I had to go for a camera check as well at the hospital later and all was ok in all areas. Thank you so much for this post. Men can be so stupid where this simple test is concerned. Guys, swallow your so called manly pride and step up to the mark. It's not just your life you risk affecting!

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your friend. It is such a good message you send to all the men in our lives and the men reading. Thanks!

  5. Gary, thank you so much for your response, and congratulations on everything being okay. Glad your doctor had a sense of humour!

  6. A very good message Rosemary - I love the picture of David? with the bundle of fish - that was when fish were plentiful in the seas.

  7. Very good advice Elizabeth - I shall show it to the farmer who is always loth to do such things.