Sunday, 18 September 2011

Ceramic Sunday, strainer.

Yesterday I was given the present of this lovely little strainer. It came from friends who are clearing the house of a distant, newly deceased relative. What a business it is turning out to be! The house is cram-jammed with the strange assortment of objects that a long life collects. They felt quite overwhelmed by the task at first, but slowly, after weekends spent carefully sorting, some sort of order has been achieved.  Nothing, say my friends, is quite complete, so the strainer, minus its cup, sits now on my kitchen windowsill in company with other blue and white pieces that came from my parents' and grandparents' homes.

It has prompted me to say that I don't want to leave such chaos for someone else to have to clear.  De-clutter - moi? I'm full of good intentions, but that's  as far as it goes!


  1. To be given something from someone's life is a special gift. I often visit estate sales and find myself overwhelmed with sadness when I think about going through the remnants of what is left of a lifetime. I do try to keep my own collecting to things which hold memories or things I dearly love. It just seems I love many things.

  2. I keep telling myself I must de-clutter, but end up adding to the pile. The little strainer is lovely, something anyone would be happy to give a home to.

  3. Yes, I have those same intentions, but after I throw things out, I bring new things into the picture. I am trying hard and this week got rid of quite a bit of stuff. Intentions, actions, and stick to the plan, that is my goal.