Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Autumn clothing

It is cool and damp and shorts and summer dresses have been packed away until next year. Janet, at the gardener's cottage  is still happily wearing light summer clothing. She does a regular posting on her clothes and bloggers all over the world look at her choice with interest and appreciation. She is disciplined, making ethical choices and keeping her purchases to a minimum. Other bloggers make comments about what clothes might be appropriate for their age. They all seem to be considerably younger than me. What do I think is age appropriate? Do I care? Am I disciplined?

I don't buy many clothes. What I do buy I expect to last for ever. Of course my favourites wear out, but that's because I use them so often. The purchases that never wear out are the ones that were a mistake. They take up valuable storage space until I admit my folly and pass them on to friends or take them to the charity shop. 
I like lovely fabrics, natural materials and comfort, and don't mind where I find such clothes or how 'appropriate' they are supposed to be for my age, which is nudging towards seventy. I think that it's attitude, not age that matters - if I had good legs I would show them regardless!
Today's outfit, for a dull, damp mid-week, is the following;

Purple Jigsaw coat.
Very old Benetton white cotton blouse. (When I say 'very old' I mean several decades.)
Boden purple cashmere cardigan.
Comptoir des Cotonniers grey cotton skirt.
Grey tights.
Custom made purple suede flats - also very old!

This is my favourite spring and autumn coat, purple velvet by Jigsaw. It is wonderfully soft and feels (and some may say looks) as though I am wearing a comfortable old dressing gown. The cuffs are generously buttoned with linings of striped fabric, like old-fashioned shirting.

You'll notice that I like the colour purple - if I post my clothes every now and then it will keep reappearing!


  1. You look beautiful! Your clothing choices are perfect! Clasic, well-make outfits never go out of style and are usually age appropriate for all.

    Love, love, love, that purple coat.

  2. I love the purple coat. I have a purple "all weather" coat that is probably close to twenty years old. I love it! I agree....attitude is what it is all about.

  3. Classic is what I meant; unfortunately, my fingers are not working well lately.

  4. Yep - it all looks good to me, Cher, as you do. Personally, I cannot wait to don my huge tweed coat again. I also found a Hungarian hat-maker in BOA, who I am hoping with fashion the hat of my (aforementioned) dreams for me. I have already sent her a picture of Basil Rathebone.

  5. Hello and thanks for visiting my blog recently... you have three interesting blogs, good to find you!

  6. Dear Starting Over and Bonnie, Glad you like my purple coat, it is one of those items of clothing that make me feel happy and 'me'. It is blissfully comfy.

    Tom, Freudian slip - your hat maker will fashion with fashion the hat of your dreams. Am looking forward to the posting!

    Hello Nat, I've been peeping at your images of Paris. They make me quite nostalgic!

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