Sunday, 11 September 2011

Ceramic Sunday

I'm having to discount so many pieces of china in describing my life in one hundred objects that I thought I might feature some of the rejects on 'Ceramic Sundays'. Our house is bursting with a motley collection of the stuff. I'll confess straight away to knowing nothing about china, which is quite disgraceful, as my father was an avid and knowledgeable collector. We did not share the same taste, his ornate, mine plain.
I'm starting with one of his tea services. It has any number of cups and saucers, good for a busy socialite or a large Victorian family! When staying with my mother when she was in her nineties, I would put out this service and a selection of sandwiches (no crusts!)  drop scones and cakes when her friends came for afternoon tea. They loved it.
I think that this china is plug ugly, and I haven't used it since. But it reminds me of home so it's not easy to part with.


  1. Very elegant. I grew up with fine china and tea services, but now all our cups say Grandma's Cup, Grandpa's Ccup or something similar.

  2. Memories are made of this Rosemary - I have things like this too and cannot bear to part with them.
    Thanks for the book advice. I am finding the drawing very hard indeed but it is a completely new skill and I hope to master it a little over the winter. I'm also brushing up my keyboard skills as I have let them slip over the last year or two.