Thursday, 4 August 2016

Rainy day baking

What to do when the rain pours down day after day? Last week I had a bake-in and invited neighbours round for afternoon tea. They came obligingly, decked out in wellingtons and under sturdy umbrellas. A window display in the baker's shop when I was in Yorkshire had old copies of the Bero book, small recipe books that came free with the purchase of Bero flour. I have several of my mother's, dating from the '40's and '50's. I've used these little books since early childhood, although not so much in recent years since, for health reasons, I've moved to fat and flour-free recipes.

 I made a coffee and walnut cake, so-called 'melting moments' and brandy snaps. What a lot of fat and sugar!
  I think all my female friends are body conscious because quite a lot was left. Himself was very pleased! I put the remaining biscuits in the freezer,
 but all the brandy snaps had to be eaten!


  1. Hello dear Miss Cellany!

    oh, leaving this walnut cake untouched :-o
    Lucky Himself.

    The brandy snaps look perfect. Mmmmh.

    In Vienna there is a pastry shop named "Fett und Zucker" (fat & sugar).

    I envy you for the rainy day. My face looks like a flat tomato: red and shiny. It's so hot and the bright light, argh, day in, day out ... I miss the rain!

    best wishes,

  2. Oh I love a good cookie exchange, as we call them over here in the States. What a nice spread. Old cookbooks are so much fun aren't they. I love the old graphics.