Monday, 5 October 2015

Sneaking off

We are sneaking off for a week, hopefully to find some sun, although I've just googled the weather report and it seems that we are also in for a bit of rain. (Can you hear me sighing?) I'm traveling with my inflight bag which is nicely within the airline regulation size.
I shall also have a cross-body bag but am prepared to have to cram it into my case - sometimes they are picky at the airport and demand it, other times it's fine.
I start with the essentials for a good holiday -wrap, cover top, sunhat and bikinis. Possibly a few too many bikinis I hear you ask? Naa.
Then I add lots of white; trousers, shorts, tops, skirt, some black, pants, jumpers, blouse. Add a couple of dresses and some sandals and I'm just about ready to go. The only problem with only inflight luggage is not being able to pack decent sized toiletries, sunscreens and moisturisers. I've got a range of products in small sizes rattling around in the airport plastic bag - it's jolly annoying!
(I've put in a little gold scarf to go with my shiny new sneakers!)


  1. I love that bag! But I love why you're using it even more. Good thing bikinis are so teeny - you can fit a lot.
    Corfu, huh? I love Greece, was there once for a friend's wedding. Have a great time!!

  2. We haven't been to Corfu for years. It used to be a favourite place - I hope it hasn't changed too much!

  3. Oh! I had some adventures in Corfu a very long time ago! I was young and full of uzo. Hope you have a wonderful time.

    1. Come on, Connie, spill the beans, what did you get up to in Corfu? I've just posted our trip. I didn't photograph the two horrendous thunderstorms, just concentrated on the good bits -swimming in the sea, eating and being bone idle!